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Konferencja Naukowa: "The 4th Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Culture of Safety: Identities thriving – Identities threatened"



The 4th Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Culture of Safety:

 Identities thriving – Identities threatened


The Faculty of Humanities

KoszalinUniversity of Technology, Poland




Call for Papers



What accounts for the perception of security risks is a widely debated subject area. Hence the Faculty of Humanitieswould like to extend an invitation to researchers representing diverse branches of knowledge, such as philosophy, law, literature and language, political science, history, sociology and media, to participate in the Fourth International, Interdisciplinary Colloquium dedicated to the problems of security and safety.

Both security and safety are of vital importance in view of recent social and political upheavals which are no longer area-specific but cross borders and continents. The organizers of the Colloquium invite contributors to consider how the implementation of security and safety measures as construed within the discourse on fears troubling contemporary communities. It is also our goal to explore how (in)security issues affect people’s lives in the private and public realms.

Presentations might possibly address but are not limited to the following questions and issues:

  • Identity and safety – from individuals to nations
  • Identities in the multicultural world
  • Identities as a pivotal theme in the socio-cultural and political discourse
  • Local and global identity
  • Eco-identity
  • Ascent or descent of identities
  • Threats and boosts to identity
  • Identity and Others: tolerance or  prejudice and xenophobia
  • Building and demolishing identities
  • Witnesses to identity in Literature
  • Evolution and dynamics of identity
  • Self-image
  • Abuse of identity
  • British and American identity

The above list of topics is by no means comprehensive. Other approaches are most welcome, and we invite scholars from all disciplines to submit research on questions related to the conference theme. If you have questions about the suitability of a potential topic or approach, please email the organizers.

The venue is the Faculty of Humanities, Koszalin University of Technology, Poland, located at 6e Kwiatkowskiego St., Koszalin.

Proposals for 20-minute presentation and a brief CV with institutional affiliation together with an e-mail and postal address should be sent to Izabela Dixon (email below) by 20.04.2018. The language of the Colloquium is English.

There is no registration fee, but our speakers will be responsible for arranging their own accommodation. We will offer any necessary assistance.

Authors will be encouraged to submit their manuscripts for publication in the journalof our faculty: http://symbolae.tu.koszalin.pl/.


Organising committee:

ZbigniewDanielewicz:  zbigniew.danielewicz@tu.koszalin.pl     

Izabela Dixon:izabela.dixon@tu.koszalin.pl (or) izabela.dixon@gmail.com

Brygida Gasztold: brygida.gasztold@tu.koszalin.pl

Iwona Wierzchowiecka-Rudnik: iwonawierzchowiecka@gmail.com

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